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20 years of excellence in providing flow measurement Solutions

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UK Flowtechnik Ltd offer Flowmetering and Instrumentation solutions for fluid or gas flow measurement, display & control. We provide solutions for many different industries and budgets for flows from 0.3 l/hr up to 7000m3/hr and pressures up to 4000 bar. Gases, water, oils, chemicals, paints, resins and much more are catered for in our huge flowmeter range.

We distribute from a worldwide network of suppliers ensuring high quality optimum design for most measuring, communication & industry requirements.

Call us now or visit our new website www.ukflowtechnik.com


UK Flowtechnik Ltd
1 Central Park
Lenton Lane
Tel: 0800 433 4770 / 0115 900 3550
Fax: 0115 970 5597
E Mail: sales@ukflowtechnik.com
Web: www.ukflowtechnik.com

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