Job Seeker FAQ's

Q. Who is ProcessIndustryJobs for?

A. ProcessIndustryJobs is aimed for professionals within the Manufacturing Process Industries, these include: Automation, Chemicals, Energy and Power, Food and Beverage, Glass, Ceramics, Cement, Metals and Minerals, OEM, Oil and Gas, Paper and Pulp, Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics/Toiletries, Plastics and Rubber, Recycling, Textiles, Tobacco Water and Wastewater, 

Q. Can I save searches?
A. Yes, first you need to register for a free account, then when you perform a serch select 'Save this Search' above the search results.

Q. Can I connect via my social account?
A. Sure, simply click the social icon of your preference on the top header and log in!

Q. Can I send & receive private messages?
A. Yes, in your admin area there is an in-built messaging service were you can send and receive private messages.

Q. What type of work is available?
A. Recruiters can select from the following types of placements: Full time, Part time, Contract, Consultant, Apprenticeship

Q. Can I upload multiple CV's?
A. Yes, you can add any number of CV's

Q. Who can see my CV?
A. When uploading your CV you can select to make your CV visible to:
  • No one
  • Everyone
  • Only Selected Employers
  • Everyone except selected employers
Q. Can I make my CV anonymous?
A. Yes, when uploading your CV tick the box 'Anonymous CV'

Employer FAQ's

Q. How long does a single Job Posting last?
A. A single job posting last for 30 days

Q. Do I receive notification that my job is due to expire?
A. Yes, you will recive email notification a few days before it is due to expire

Q. Can I renew my job posting?
A. Yes, you can renew your postings, the cost is the same as the purchased price

Q. Do you offer any guarantee's?

A. Yes, if you do not receive at least one applicant we will renew your listing for a 30 days free of charge

Q. Where else do you promote the job postings?
A. All postings are automatclaly included on the main PII website, where they are featured on the homepage and also on every internal page via our latest jobs widget

Q. Can I advertise Process Engineering Jobs in PII Magazine?
A. Yes, we offer excellent advertising rates - please create an account to view

Q. Can I create additional accounts within our account?

A. Yes, you can create a master account and then add sub-accounts where you set different permissions

‚ÄčQ. Do you offer discounts?
A. Yes, prices start at £95 for 30 days, and we offer up to 50% off for bulk packages

Q. How does payment work?
A. All payments are made upfront prior to adding any listings

Q. Can I send & receive private messages?
A. Yes, you can and receive send private messages to Job Seekers

Q. Can I add screening questionnaires?
A. Yes, when you post a job one of the final options is to add a screening questionnaire

Q. Can I search CV's?
A. Due to the site being brand new (launched Feb 2014) this option will not be available until we have built up a good database of CV's

Q. Can I set CV notifications?
A. Yes, select 'CV Alert' in your admin area where you can choose from a selection of criteria's to match any number of CV alerts that you set

Q. Is there application tracking?
A. Yes, select 'Application Tracking' from your admin area where you can view all applicants, screening points and send private messages, 
Q. Do I get a company profile?
A. Yes, you can create a branded company profile page where all your postings are also listed

Q. Can I add videos to job postings?
A. Yes, you can upload YouTube videos to your job postings and include a YouTube video on your company profile page

Q. What are VIP Jobs?
A. VIP Jobs are 'FEATURED JOBS' under 'TOP PROCESS INDUSTRY JOBS' on the homepage for 15 days

They are also 'PRIORITY JOBS' which are highligted at the top of job search results

VIP Jobs arealso included in our weekly E-newsletter, sent to 9,000 subscribers and you can also upload up to 5 pictures per Job and upload videos

Q. Can I place banner advertising?

A. Yes we offer 'Leaderboard' and 'Featured Employer' opportunites - please create an account and select 'Products' to view all options, or email [email protected] for our brochure