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ADMA-OPCO SARB3 project Selects Amarinth Self-priming AP 610 Super-duplex Pumps


Amarinth, a leading company specialising in the design, application and manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the Oil & Gas, petrochemical, chemical, industrial and renewable energy markets, has been awarded a contract to supply 16 API 610 super-duplex pumps, some of which will be self-priming, for use on the ADMA-OPCO SARB3 project.

Following previous successful projects undertaken by Amarinth for ADMA-OPCO, this new contract is to supply 16 API 610 super-duplex pumps in A-series and C-series configurations to be used for various duties including fire water supply and diesel transfer in the ADMA-OPCO Satah al-Razboot (SARB) offshore oil field. The SARB field is located 200km northwest of Abu Dhabi with drilling conducted from two artificial islands. It is expected to add an additional 100,000 barrels per day of oil to the overall oil production capacity of UAE upon commissioning in 2016

The duty of four of the pumps is to lift sea water to the rigs which requires self-priming units so the pumps do not run dry with the subsequent damage this would cause before the water enters the pump at the top of the lift. Amarinth has chosen to deploy an innovative vacuum technology to prime the pumps before operation.

Amarinth Self Priming PumpWhen the centrifugal pump is turned on the vacuum priming unit will be first activated lifting the sea water to the centrifugal pump. The vacuum unit is then switched off via an integrated pressure switch as soon as the centrifugal pump has built up dischargepressure. During operation, should there be any air accumulation and the discharge pressure drop below the switch point of the pressure switch, such as when sea conditions cause the water level to temporarily fall below the inlet level, the vacuum priming unit starts up once again to lift sea water and re-prime the pump.

Using this vacuum technology enables the system to operate remotely with no services other than power, an important requirement for this new field development. The Amarinth vacuum priming method is also very efficient as there are no pump losses at the centrifugal pump compared with traditional integral fluid self-priming systems and furthermore the system has an inherent solids handling capability which is particular important in this offshore environment.

Oliver Brigginshaw, Managing Director of Amarinth, commented: “We are very pleased to be supplying ADMA-OPCO with our pumps again for this important project. Due to the tight time constraints it has been necessary to prioritise some of the pumps in order to meet the deadlines ADMA-OPCO are working to. Having worked with ADMA-OPCO on previous projects we already had an intimate understanding of its specifications and so we were able to provide a great deal of flexibility in scheduling the build and supply of these pumps to ensure that all project deadlines could be met.”

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Amarinth is a world-leading company specialising in the manufacture of centrifugal pumps and associated equipment to the offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, production and refining industry, petrochemical, chemical and industrial markets

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