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Advanced AI Technology for the Process Industry

process industry AI technology

Neste Engineering Solutions today announces a co-operation with Curious AI Ltd, the developers of autonomous AI technology, to develop advanced process industry artificial intelligence (AI). The collaboration aims to add to the existing AI capabilities of the NAPCON products currently serving process industry.

The co-operation adds advanced AI capabilities in the NAPCON process industry optimisation products, currently used to make production plants more efficient and safe.

“Our highly advanced optimisation products are already now utilising artificial intelligence but we want to take them to the next level. Through collaboration with Curious AI we are able to develop our products further to meet truly the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution. We are very happy to publish this exciting cooperation”,

says Samuli Bergman, Manager, New Technologies, NAPCON.

“We are glad to start shipping our advanced AI prediction and control product to the process industry, which is known for its strict requirements. We’re really looking forward to co-developing advanced industrial AI with the NAPCON team who are true process industry insiders. We want to support professionals, such as industrial process operators, in their demanding daily tasks, for example in better understanding the process in their care”,

says Kalle Raita, VP Sales, Curious AI Ltd.

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