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Air Purification System Removes Odour From Food Manufacturing Factories

At this year’s Foodex exhibition, Danish company Jimco will present their popular air purification systems; FLO-K and FLO-P. The aim is to help British food factories reduce problems such as odour

In April, this year’s Foodex exhibition will take place in Birmingham. It is estimated that the three-day event will be visited by more than 15,000 people and have approximately 360 booths. Jimco, which is known for its air- and water purification systems, hope to show potential British customers within the food industry how they can benefit from Jimco’s wide range of industrial products.

Jimco is currently experiencing an increasing level of interest from the British market, and they have recently shipped a significant consignment to some of the largest food production companies in the UK. Now the company is hoping that their positive reputation can lead to new clients at Foodex. Both FLO-K and FLO-P are intended for larger industrial facilities to deal with all kinds of odours and exhausts. FLO-K is designed for lower temperature outlets, while FLO-P is more suited to high temperatures such as frying applications, due to its ability to reduce the amount of leftover oils and fats while also reducing the level of odour. Jimco will present both systems at Foodex.

– We are hoping to reach new clients. Some may not know us, while some may have heard of us from the food producers in UK that we have worked with. They have been very pleased with the solutions we have provided, so we are optimistic that other potential clients could benefit from these systems as well. If we return home with some new projects to initiate, we will be happy, says Anders Thomassen, Business Unit Manager at Jimco.

Soaring demand
Anders Thomassen believes that Jimco’s growing success on the British market is thanks to their partnership with Elgin Bay, who has been Jimco’s representative in the UK for more than ten years.

– The demand for our products on the British market is soaring, so it is brilliant for us to have such a reliable business partner in the UK. It provides our British customers with a high level of security, Anders Thomassen explains.

Until now, Jimco’s success in the UK has predominantly been within the sector of industrial food production. Many of the companies that have purchased Jimco units have since placed even more orders, which proves the effectiveness of the systems and the customers’ satisfaction with them. According to Nigel Cove, Managing Director at Elgin Bay, the aim is to build on that success.

– By purchasing Jimco’s FLO-systems, many large industrial food factories can significantly reduce the odour that sometimes can affect populated areas. This is something we will focus on at Foodex, Nigel Cove says.

Jimco will be attending Foodex together with Elgin Bay. In order to demonstrate their products’ use of UV-C technology, they will bring along the FLO-D Mini unit, which is based on the same technology as FLO-P and FLO-K, but is used to disinfect surfaces and is much more modest in size.

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