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Asset Management Achievement Award for UK Company

Sodexo have been awarded the Institute of Asset Management’s (IAM) Asset Management Achievement Award in recognition for their Asset Management roll out across 80 countries, covering facilities management in healthcare, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing and airports. Citing the outstanding results that have been achieved, and the high standards of other candidates from all around the world, IAM President Richard Edwards presented the award to Keith Hamer, Group VP Engineering & Asset Management, Sodexo, at the recent IAM Annual Dinner in London.

The initiative was identified based on a comparison of market share between ‘best’ and ‘worst’ Sodexo FM businesses. Clients were engaged and realised benefits include:

• Improved control of day-to-day activities and business efficiencies – 10% average
• 40% reduction of risk-related costs
• 100% compliance in regulatory activities
• Reduced failure rates – 20%

Keith Hamer, Group VP Engineering & Asset Management, Sodexo said: ‘TWPL assisted us to establish a global asset management model that aligns our values and world-class service delivery in very diverse environments. This model helped us create a unique and flexible technical services offering that has filled a significant gap in the marketplace. The results have been impressive.’

Sodexo’s Asset Management System – the Asset Management Framework (AMF) captures, documents and standardises best practices across a full range of asset life cycle services structured library that contains the processes, procedures and guidance for ‘The Sodexo Way’. TWPL supported Sodexo with facilitation of the design and content of this model, aligned to the requirements of the PAS 55, and subsequently ISO55000, specification for the optimal management of physical assets. Extensive engagement with staff in many countries ensured that the framework was both consistent in the expected standards and life cycle view, but also locally adaptable to value priorities, culture and constraints. Through this project, Sodexo has achieved their aim of being the first facilities management organisation to offer and demonstrate a full asset management capability, globally.

The AMF starts with a clear and non-negotiable Sodexo group policy on asset management. This policy, and a suite of key business processes, represents Sodexo’s commitment to good practices in different aspects of asset management. They provide a hierarchy of ‘must do’, ‘should do’ and ‘could do’ practices for different technical services engagements. This clarity of what is required, and promotion of good practice methods, has already raised standards, achieved greater alignment and consistency throughout Sodexo on a global basis.

Peter Jay, TWPL lead consultant, said: ‘TWPL’s approach provided Sodexo with the necessary structure and baseline content for the Asset Management Framework, and through a close working relationship with Sodexo influenced the methodology for adapting it regionally and for each client contract.

This has worked now in FM contracts ranging from the simple to the most complex. Customers were fully engaged and the strategies and objectives agreed to deliver added value. The suite of e-learning that we assisted in developing with Sodexo, and Asset Wisdom was also vital to the success; developing consistent knowledge transfer, understanding and embedding good practices.’

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