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ATEX approval awarded to IMI Precision Engineering for proportional reducer

An ATEX-approved proportional pressure controller for high-pressure, hazardous applications has been launched to the market by IMI Precision Engineering, a world leader in fluid and motion control technology

The D386 proportional reducer is suitable for pressure control in a variety of nuclear and gas supply applications, from reactor vessel hydraulic control and fast shutdown systems to gas collection and monitoring – and is also suitable for new hydrogen filling stations for vehicles. A three-way regulator with a 24 VDC /2A integrated outlet pressure sensor, the D386 reducer is available with an input and output of either 0-10V or 4-20mA. Along with many of the IMI Precision Engineering range, the D386 valve is ATEX-approved, classified according to group II, category 2 G and temperature class T4 or T3  of ATEX directive 94/9/CE.

Comprising of a brass housing with a stainless steel valve and polyesther esther ketone (PEEK) valve seat, the D386 reducer features a ¼” BSPP threaded port and can operate across a temperature range of -20°C to +50°C. Additionally, it offers hysteresis and reliability of < 1% of the max outlet pressure range for enhanced safety and control. The controller can be configured to cope with outlet pressures of up to 400 Bar with a max inlet pressure of 420 Bar and achieves smoother operation thanks to its 25µm inlet/outlet integrated filter. Offering exceptional leak tightness, the D386 reducer is secure to min 10-3 mbar.l/s in helium internally, and min 10-4 mbar.l/s in helium externally.

Daniel Gambet of IMI Precision Engineering commented: “As a leader in fluid and motion control for hazardous applications, we have expert knowledge of handling industrial gases including inerts, oxidising, flammable and corrosive gases and place safety at the heart of all our new product development. This new, high-pressure proportional reducer fulfils both the safety and performance demanded of critical applications.”

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