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New Order for ATEX-certified Mixers for Mud Drilling

chemineer mud mixers

The Mixing Technologies Group of NOV has won an order from South Africa for 20 of its NORSOK, ABS and ATEX-certified mixers for offshore mud drilling applications

Designed to provide uniform suspension of solids for optimal consistency, the energy-efficient Model 20GT mixers are being supplied with rugged Chemineer gear-drives that can withstand harsh environments to provide long service life and reduced maintenance costs.  A sturdy gear-drive also eliminates the need for bottom steady bearings because the loads can be handled by the gearbox.

The order was won in part due to proprietary analysis software, which validates the design and ensures optimum impeller selection for specific mud drilling mixing conditions for Chemineer products.

A leading technology provider of mixing equipment for over 60 years, the Mixing Technologies Group of NOV has designed its Mud Mixers with XE-3 high-efficiency impeller technology that requires fewer generators, thus reducing energy costs.

In addition to the cut in energy bills, CFD studies and laboratory tests show that Chemineer’s impellers also reduce blade erosion when compared to submersible mixers or canted impeller types.


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