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Barton Fabrications install 2 more silo’s for GCS

Barton AA Web 31 MA 2016

The Global Closure Systems (GCS) Group has installed two more Barton silos to join more than ten vessels already erected at its sites across the UK

The two latest silos at the company’s Norwich UCP site will provide extra polypropylene and polyethylene granule storage for a range of pharmaceutical Clic- Loc child resistant and flip top dispensing closures. The 50 tonne silos are both 12 metres tall and have a diameter of 3.5 metres.

Commenting on the silo installation Mark Turner, Engineering Manager, at UCP said: “We have a successful history with Barton for the supply and installation of a number of our existing silos. The company’s friendly sales and admin staff provide a professional, no nonsense, approach and all technical details were discussed up front so we had no surprises. Barton were also flexible to any changes and modifications we had to make within the build time, as well as being able to assist us in dealing with a delay in the base construction by a third party.

“The installations went extremely well and the agreed plan was delivered to the letter. We are very pleased with end result thus far and will definitely be using Barton again in the near future.”

UCP Norwich is part of the GCS Group which produces a wide range of plastic and metal closures for the global beverage, food, household & industrial, healthcare, personal care and wine & spirits markets. The contract confirms Barton Fabrication’s expertise supporting the plastic moulding industry and is the latest in a series of successful silo installations across the UK and mainland Europe.

For more details on Barton Fabrications’ silo solutions, contact Mark Barton at Barton Fabrications, Tel: +44 (0) 1275 84590 E-mail: sales@bartonfabs.co.uk  Web: www.bartonfabs.co.uk

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