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Barton’s space saving silos

the two Barton silos

Sanko Gosei  Automotive Systems has saved considerable warehouse space and significantly reduced raw material costs by installing two aluminium, plastic granule storage silos supplied by Barton Fabrications

The two 3.5m x 12mhigh silos are used to store polypropylene granules used in the company’s automotive parts moulding processes. The50 tonne storage vessels are bulk filled from road tankers and replace large plastic sacks and cardboard Octobins previously used on-site.

As part of the installation, the two Barton silos were fitted with load cells and telemetry system. This allows real-time visibility of stock levels and usage by both Sanko Gosei and the raw material supplier, which in turn simplifies management of the company’s plastic granule consignment stock.

Commenting on the benefits of the decision to move to silo storage, James Bradley Sanko Gosei’s Production Engineering Manager said:

“As part of our Kaizen process, we were tasked with removing waste from our warehouse. We identified two materials as high use with good potential for improvements in materials handling and storage. The decision to install two storage silos has allowed us to save significant warehouse space. Additionally, we have reduced both fork lift truck movements and the need to dispose of plastic storage sacks & cardboard Octobins.

“We have also lowered direct materials costs by buying in bulk and our surcharge / transport costs are less. We are absolutely delighted with the new Barton silos and were very happy with the whole installation process”

The Sanko Gosei project is the latest Barton Fabrications installation that supports the supply of plastic moulded parts for the UK’s automotive industry.

For more details on Barton Fabrications’ silo solutions, contact Mark Barton:-

Tel: +44 (0) 1275 845901 E-mail: sales@bartonfabs.co.uk   Web: www.bartonfabs.co.uk

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