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Learn the Benefits of Efficient Wastewater Processing at Surface Days in Berlin

zvo surface days

Safely comply with limit values, reliably separate heavy metals, oils and fats and simultaneously reduce costs. How? By efficiently processing process water with VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems.

The leaders in zero liquid discharge production at H2O GmbH will be on hand at Booth 64 at ZVO Surface Days to explain the benefits of efficient wastewater processing for surface engineering and electroplating operations.

The company is set to present the new double dest control, which can fully replace double continuous neutralisation. The expert forum and industrial exhibition organised by Zentralverband Oberflächentechnik (ZVO) is set to take place between 23 and 25 September at Hotel Estrel in Berlin, Germany.

Participants can expect many interesting lectures on functional layers, energy efficiency in electroplating technology, corrosion protection, component cleaning and much more in the four-tiered lecture programme. Surface Days attracts around 500 participants and has established itself as a key forum for users, researchers and developers, engineers, buyers and QA and sales employees from all industrial sectors.

Those unable to take part can visit the ‘Applications’ tab at www.h2o-de.com for interesting practical and application reports from VACUDEST, for example, on zinc-nickel electroplating.

H2O GmbH
Wiesenstrasse 32, 79585 Steinen, Germany
Phone +49 7627 9239-0 | Fax +49 7627 9239-100
Email info@h2o-de.com | Web www.h2o-de.com

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