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Bespoke Vertical Silo Construction Tower Export To Slovakia

bespoke vertical silo

Barton Fabrications has exported two silos to the Slovakian site of specialist plastic extrusion and moulding company, COBA Automotive s.r.o., part of the COBA International group

Focussing on the manufacture of automotive plastic components, the COBA plant in Slovakia is over 55,000 square feet in size and employs 250+ people.  The two installed 75 tonne silos are used for polypropylene granule storage and are part of an on-site initiative to reduce raw material manual handling and storage space footprint.

Commenting on the twin silo installation, which both measure 16 metres tall with a diameter of 3.5 metres, Sean Hutchinson, Supply Chain Manager at COBA Plastics UK said:

“COBA Plastics in the UK have previously used Barton Fabrications for their silo installations and, as Barton knows our business well, it has been a natural step to adopt the company’s products and services within the group. The combined expertise of silo manufacturing skills and installation services offered by Barton Fabrications, which includes logistics management, makes them ideally suited to meet our overseas needs.”

The cross Europe shipping logistics for the silos transit from the UK to Slovakia involved obtaining relevant permits and complying with abnormal/wide load requirements in seven countries.

For more details on Barton Fabrications’ silo solutions, contact Mark Barton:-

Tel:     +44 (0) 1275 845901
E-mail: [email protected]
Web:    www.bartonfabs.co.uk

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