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New Company Formation Offers Brand Rex Fire Detection Cable

Linesense Fire Detection Ltd is a newly formed company dedicated specifically to providing “continuity of supply” for the established Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable from Brand Rex. The LHD cable production started in 1978 and in the past six years alone, more than six million metres have been installed in a broad variety of fire detection applications around the world.

The Linesense cables are Factory Mutual (FM) approved and are available in a wide range of alarm temperatures to provide early warning of overheating. They can be supplied “cut to length” to customer requirements from 100 metres up to 1,000 metres.

Cable Type Alarm Temperature
H8040N 68°C
H8045N 85°C
H8028 105°C
H8069 177°C
H9650 240°C

Ideal for industrial and commercial applications ranging from car parks to petro-chemical “hazardous” areas, the Linesense cables are unaffected by dirty, dusty or wet conditions. LHD cable is therefore particularly suited to applications where other forms of fire detection are prone to failure due to extreme environmental conditions or those in which costs are prohibitive. A range of monitoring interfaces is available which can provide fire and fault relay outputs, visual display of the distance in metres along the LHD cable to the overheat condition, with a corresponding 4-20mA distance output signal. A full range of fixings and accessories is also available.

The newly appointed Marketing Manager at Linesense is Ian Jacob. Ian has wide ranging experience of LHD cable given that his most recent position was Regional Sales Manager at Kidde Airsense where LHD cable manufactured by Brand Rex was amongst the product range for which he was responsible.

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