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British Rema Looking For Overseas Agents

Powder processing equipment specialist British Rema is looking to expand its representation base outside the UK to coincide with the launch of an innovative new range of Mixing and Blending equipment.

The new range of Ribbon, Double Cone and V-Cone Blenders incorporate market leading designs which British Rema expects to be of interest to companies looking to improve process efficiency worldwide. Typical of the product innovations on offer is an Interchangeable Blender featuring one base which can hold a wide range of easily interchangeable body types and sizes. The new Mixing and Blending range complements British Rema’s existing range of Mills, Classifiers and Dryers.

British Rema is looking to appoint overseas agents throughout Europe, including Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and also in North America. Agents will be required to have to have experience of powder processing applications, with the Food and Pharmaceutical markets being of particular interest.

Interested parties should contact Debbi Marlow [email protected] in the first instance.

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