Bürkert Product Overview: Mass Flow Controllers for Gases

Burkert Product Overview: Mass Flow Controllers for GasesThe term “gas” has its origin in the Greek word for chaos. Coincidence? Probably not! Gases are peculiar. They are volatile, sometimes reactive, and always expansive. This means that gases have very special handling requirements.

Process gases are indispensable in industrial manufacturing. From coating and hardening surfaces, right through to the fermentation processes used in the pharmaceutical world. Inert gases are used for example to protect packaged foodstuffs against the effect of atmospheric oxygen and in metal processing to prevent the oxidisation of welds. Reactive gases on the other hand are used in industrial applications to have a specific influence on selected processes, and also in the research and development of new products. Whatever the application, it is all down to precise regulation, constant control and accurate metering of the gas media, ensuring a consistent and reproducible result, whilst maintaining process security and limiting costs.