Measurement and Control: Micro

Burkert segment microMicro is a customer-oriented concept to combine the physical attributes of the application environments from your world. In this overview you will find a range of examples examining some of our core process competences. We believe we have intimate knowledge of significant insight into the application environments which traverse a spectrum of industries from clinical diagnostic technology, DNA synthesising and medical instruments to high-throughput lab automation, industrial ink jet and analytical instruments.

Our aim is to collaborate with you in the real physics of precision dosing, batching, mixing, distributing and sample and reagent preparation in quantities from sub micro-litres to litres per minute. Whether you are using aggressive mixtures of solvents or reagents, handle critical samples or just neutral liquids, we know how to control your fluids.

Everyone in our organisation is committed to the process of listening carefully to your needs, in order to provide you with a thoroughly customised solution in your daily application language. The inherent expertise available within the Bürkert organisation exists to make your life simpler. Our versatile systems highlight our continuous custom- er-oriented innovation and are developed to simplify the MicroFluidics world and save you time.

An otherwise unattainable synergy of hardworking valve elements, sensors, networked communication and manifold experience provide a true single source of remarkable attractive systems which offer you peace of mind, process safety and joy of use. In the MicroFluidics world where compactness, smart communication, dead legs, cross-contamination and validation are everyday concerns we provide process efficiency and higher yields by offering you unlimited process modularity.