Valves and dosing modules for SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction

Valves and dosing modules for SCR - Selective Catalytic ReductionBürkert’s contribution through pure exhaust gases for the clean use of diesel engines

Diesel aggregates have revolutionised the world and at the end of the 20th were made even more efficient. Today diesel engines are used in many areas. Whether in the air or on water, passenger car or ship, stationary for power generation or for propulsion of vehicles. The diesel engine shows its advantages in a wide variety of situations.

However, with the increasing number of diesel engines the emission values increase drastically. The nitrogen oxides that occur in the combustion of diesel fuel represent problems for our environment that are as significant as the problems associated with carbon dioxide. For example, nitrogen oxides, NO or NO2, produce high concentrations of ozone on streets with heavy traffic.