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2000 Litre Heavy Duty Rotary Drum Blender – The natural choice for Yara Phosyn Chemicals

Rotary Drum Blender

A Repeat Order 26 Years On. JR Boone the natural choice for Yara Phosyn Chemicals

John R Boone have supplied a replacement 2000 litre heavy duty Rotary Drum Blender to Yara Phosyn Chemicals, the leading agrochemicals manufacturer, reinforcing a relationship that has lasted for over a quarter of a century.

A John R Boone mixer has been used in the manufacture of one of Yara’s best established products, Grasstrac, since 1984. Grasstrac is an important micro-nutrient based grass improver, used to improve livestock nutrition. It combines a solid soluble base material onto which a pre-mix of selenium and other nutrients is sprayed through the mixer’s integral spray lance and then efficiently coated in the drum mixer.

Twenty-five years plus of bathing in a salt solution can test even the best-made equipment although, amazingly, even after so long, some of the original equipment remained serviceable, for example the spray lance was upgraded to improve the spray pattern rather than being replaced entirely, and the original JR Boone control system was reused. JR Boone supplied a new mixer drum and motor, plus a frame that allowed the unit to be installed into exactly the same factory position as before, so production could continue as seamlessly as possible.

As Sean Molloy, the plant engineer, put it, ‘We did look around at alternatives, but nobody offered us the combination of quality equipment and experience that we got from JR Boone. They gave us a lot of advice, especially on how we could develop the spray system.’ He went on ‘Once we got into the detail of the project and discovered that we could re-use parts of the original mixer, and that Boone’s would take away and recycle the original drum for us, the decision became very straightforward.’

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