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Celsimix for fully continuous mixing and heating in the production of brittle candy

Celsimix for brittle candy production

During Interpack in Germany a Celsimix was displayed on the stand of the Tanis Group from Made (the Netherlands). This Celsimix is part of a brittle candy production line engineered by the Tanis Group.

Celsimix for brittle candy production

‘Brittle candy’ is a crunchy but brittle type of confectionery. In a fully continuous process the Celsimix boils the pre-heated glucose syrup to form caramel, adding almonds to this and mixing it to form a homogenous mass.

The Celsimix is heated using thermal oil to a temperature of 280 degrees. The mixer is fitted with two screws and has a capacity of 400 kg/hour. To prevent the product sticking and to facilitate cleaning, everything that comes into contact with the product is polished to a high gloss. Both screws can also be removed completely for thorough cleaning. The Celsimix is suitable for a MAWP (Maximum Allowable Working Pressure) of 5 bar and complies with the PED standard (Pressure Equipment Directive) and EN-13445 (European standard for unfired pressure vessels).

The Tanis Group

The Tanis Group, a rapidly growing company operating internationally, designs and produces process installations for the food industry. Specialises in ‘tailor-made’ solutions for the sugar processing industry and also provides full project support. By working closely with the client, The Tanis Group designs specially developed systems, from the simple to the fully integrated. Tanis supplies installations for the production of masses such as: caramel, jelly, nougat, marshmallow, candy bars, acid drops, chewy products and fondant.

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