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CeramTec chooses Lindor mixer for very abrasive SiC powder

The Czech factory of the German company CeramTec processes very abrasive Silicon carbide (SiC) for the production of technical ceramics. It was not easy for Iveta Formankova, production manager at CeramTec in Šumperk, to find a wear-resistant mixer for mixing and coating the very abrasive SiC during her search. She came into contact with Lindor through the Internet and discovered the existence of mixers with a ‘gentle touch’: a special mixing technique that exerts no force on the powder, which reduces wear to a minimum. During mixing a very even liquid coating is possible and a homogenous mass is quickly produced.

The process
Technical ceramic materials are used in industry because of the very specific mechanical properties such as temperature resistance, wear-resistance, shape retention, insulation value, etc. The ceramic materials are often abrasive. Silicon Carbide is very abrasive and is therefore used as a grinding medium.

Iveta Formankova explains: “A spray drying installation produces the very abrasive SiC powder. The Lindor mixer then homogenises this SiC powder and coats it with an oil. In the following process pressing, sintering and machining take place to process this into components”.

Finally she wants to add “We discovered Lindor and their special mixers on the Internet and are very satisfied. The cooperation with Lindor was very good right from the start and the mixer functions without any problems.”

L4000 mixer with special configuration for very abrasive products

The CeramTec mixer is of Lindor type L4000 (4000 litres useful mixing volume – approx. 2000 kg) and configured for this very abrasive material.

The most important property of the Lindor mixer for this application is that the actual wear in the mixer is minimal. Three elements create wear: an abrasive substance, movement and force. In this application there is plenty of abrasive substance present in the form of SiC. The movement is also present, though mainly in the form of the SiC particles rolling over the SS surface of the mixing drum and over one another. The force is however minimal so the wear is also ultimately minimal.

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