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Spiroflow Equipment Conveys Smooth Flow of Cereals

cereal conveying equipment

Preserving the integrity of ingredients between the processing stages is crucial for breakfast cereal manufacturers. They need conveying systems that can get the product from its raw state to mixers or packaging machines as gently and as efficiently as possible to minimise degradation and avoid waste.

One of the UK’s leading breakfast cereal brands turned to Spiroflow Ltd for a streamlined transportation process for taking cereal ingredients to three lines of process hoppers via multi-outlet conveyors

Flexibility and totally secure handling are required from conveying equipment if cereals have to travel dust-free over long distances and complex routes within an operating plant. Spiroflow, a world-leading manufacturer of conveying and automated bulk handling systems, is renowned for solutions that meet the most rigid standards in hygiene and containment.

On assessing the customer’s requirements and factory lay-out, Spiroflow designed an innovative, enclosed conveying system to maximise floor space at the plant utilising the T6 Bulk Bag Discharger, a fully self-contained unloading station with integral hoist for dust-free and controllable bulk bag emptying connecting directly to a feed screw that doses product into a mixer.  At this point different ingredients are added into the mixer via a sack tip station.  The base of the mixer is connected to a triple inlet screw which takes product to three intermediate hoppers located on a mezzanine above the three process lines.  From these  holding hoppers, multi-outlet flex screws feed the three process lines, each with 30 discharge points,  Isolation valves at each conveyor outlet shut off feed when a process hopper is full or if maintenance is required.

This type of conveyor suits the transport of powdered, granular and flaked materials to a maximum distance of 20 metres, although multiple units as used in this application can extend to greater distances. The main advantage of the flexible screw conveyor is its simplicity, which results in short installation times and low maintenance – the whole system can be stripped down for cleaning in minutes. Being a mechanical system there is no separation of mixed ingredients, an essential requirement in any food process.

It fulfils the very highest levels of hygiene and dust containment for the transportation of delicate ingredients such as oats, wheat, rice and corn, within a factory environment, from their raw state through each production stage before being transformed into clusters, loops, puffs and flakes – ensuring the end product is in perfect condition for distribution.

Spiroflow’s UK and Ireland Sales Manager, James Podevyn, said: “Our customer wanted fully-automated, time-saving conveying equipment that would maximise production. The flexible screw conveyors have helped reduce manual handling and degradation of the product during the process, saving time and money.”

When it comes to the challenges for transporting dry bulk solids – whether powder, granule, flake, pellet, bean, lump, shaped or extruded and in any quantities – Spiroflow aims to offer the breakfast cereals and snack food sectors the best solution.

In addition to Flexible Screw Conveyors and Bulk Bag Dischargers, Spiroflow is also a manufacturer of Tubular Cable and Chain Drag Conveyors, Bulk Bag Fillers, Aero Mechanical Conveyors, Bin Activators, Vacuum Conveyors, Ingredients Handling and Weighing Systems. The company’s technical and engineering expertise has led to it developing an international reputation for an unrivalled range of products with state-of-the-art control systems.

For more information on Spiroflow’s products and services visit www.spiroflow.com or call +44 (0)1200 422525.

Spiroflow Ltd

We manufacture of a full range of equipment for handling dry bulk solids and ingredients in powder, granule, pellet and flake form, across the whole spectrum of process industries.

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