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Clickity Click! 66 Chemineer mixers for Saudi Desal

Chemineer’s seawater desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

Rubber-coated mixers made by Chemineer are about to be put into operation at a major seawater desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

A total of 66 mixers, specially designed by Chemineer for the 228 MIGD plant, are set to be installed as part of a new DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) and DMF (Dual Media Filter) pre-treatment stages of the seawater reverse osmosis process stream.

Chemineer’s mixers will provide pre-flocculation and flocculation duties.  Each mixer has been coated in Neoprene for operation with seawater – and also designed with special sunshades to protect against extremely high local ambient temperatures.

Initial results obtained from the pilot plant have demonstrated that the process is operating well within the specified performance limits, with the DAF typically achieving turbidities of less than 1NTU and filtrate SDIs of less than 4 at the stated loading rates.  The full scale plant is due for completion in 2013.


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