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Lifting equipment manufacturer, Demag Cranes & Components Ltd

Lifting equipment manufacturer, Demag Cranes & Components Ltd, has installed two crane systems at Rainham Steel’s Scunthorpe distribution centre, as part of the development of a new £1.3 million warehouse facility.

Rainham Steel is one of the UK’s largest independent steel stockholders and its 50 acre Scunthorpe stockyard typically holds 55,000 tonnes of steel at any one time. To meet sustained expansion, the company has developed a 75,000 sq ft warehouse facility for the processing and storage of steel beams.

To meet Rainham Steel’s materials handling requirements, Demag installed two double girder travelling cranes, with spans of 30.8 m and 31.5 m, both rated at 7 tonnes + 7 tonnes SWL. Both cranes are equipped with two Demag DR-PRO wire rope hoists, upon which magnets are mounted. The use of magnets for the lifting process eliminates time consuming “slinging” of loads and improves safety by excluding operators from the lifting area.

The Demag cranes have long travel speeds of 8 – 80 m/min, cross travel speeds of 5 – 25 m/min and hoisting speeds of 1 – 16 m/min. Drive motors feature AC frequency inverters for variable speed, providing smooth movement and precise positioning accuracy in all motions. Operation of the cranes, hoists and magnets is via a user friendly HBC radio control, which allows the operator to stand clear of the process area.

The installation of the two crane systems represents phase one of the warehouse development programme, with two further crane systems scheduled for installation in the first quarter of 2010.

Rainham Steel’s General Manager for the Scunthorpe distribution centre, Francis Micallef, explained that the order was placed with Demag, based on performance and commercial considerations:
“Demag’s unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and technical support were major factors in our specification process. The company’s competitive pricing structure also influenced our decision.”

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