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JR Boone High Speed Delta Blade Mixer Has Helped Flowcrete UK Ltd Significantly Increase Production Capacity

Flowcrete’s Delta Blade mixer by JR Boone; slashed mixing time by 75%

John R Boone have supplied a Delta Blade (Plough type) mixer to Flowcrete UK Ltd based in Sandbach, Cheshire to mix 3.36 tonne batches of cementitious flooring products. Flowcrete UK Ltd is a major producer and supplier of both Resin and Cementitious products sold to contractors in the flooring market.

When Flowcrete UK Ltd needed to increase capacity because of high demand for their products, JR Boone recommended that the existing mixer be replaced with a Delta Blade mixer; a highly efficient unit with a unique blade profile that gives a very high shear, completely fluidising the blend for a very short mix time.

Neil Phuler, Flowcrete’s Resource Manager said “We immediately felt JR Boone was an engineering company that we could work with. The business met criteria that we set internally of finding local suppliers to help the local economy who also possess the skills and experience to provide a quality product that is reliable and affordable. We spent a lot of time prototype testing; making sure that we had the confidence that our product could be taken from a test mixer (224kg batches) located at JR Boones Congleton site, to the full 3360 kg batch size”.

Size constraints within the Sandbach factory meant that a further challenge was to install the new equipment in the same footprint as the old mixer. Boones Horizontal Delta Blade Mixers (HDBM) have short L/D aspect ratio, which helped them with this and the discharge from the mixer is via a ‘bomb door’ allowing almost instantaneous discharge from the mixer and meaning that the mixer is immediately ready for the next batch of product.

Neil Phuler commented; ‘with the new mixer, the new plant is performing exceptionally well. With the old system a batch was taking up to 45 minutes to complete and we could only have a single batch in the system at any one time. We now have a 10 minute cycle time and up to four batches in progress simultaneously, which has allowed Flowcrete UK Ltd to increase production from 8500 tonnes per annum to in excess of 20000 tonnes per annum; all achieved with no changes to the building or staffing levels and generating a very rapid return on investment.’

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