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Mixer for Asian Infant Formula Powders

Lindor has recently delivered a mixer for a new production line of infant formula powders in Asia. Mixing high quality infant formula powder is a delicate process. The Lindor mixer was selected for its high quality of the mixed product and production capacity.

Lindor L1000 selected for best powder quality
The manufacturer has based the selection of the Lindor L1000 mixer on the excellent mixing quality and the actually delivered production capacity (batch size 400- 500 kg, 5 – 7 batches/hour). The quality of the powder after mixing, the integrity of the spray dried particles and the homogeneity of the blend determines in a very important way the quality of the end product. Even with very small minor ingredient levels (< 1%) the homogeneity of the product is ensured. The retractable inlet and outlet, together with three large door provide ample access to the mixing drum, the inlet and outlet and last but not least the manually replaceable seals for optimal dry cleaning.

Lindor L10 lab mixer for R&D Department
The manufacturer has also purchased a Lindor L10 lab mixer for developing recipes and defining process parameters. This mixer has a maximum batch volume of 10 litres, which is in the case of infant formula about 5 – 6 kg. Due to the transparent mixing drum the actual mixing process is visible for observation.

The mixer can easily be disassembled by hand and the three components can be cleaned/washed by hand or even be washed in a regular dish washer.

Key component in state-of-the-art mixing line of AMH Technologies
The L1000 is part of a state-of-the-art mixing line designed and built by AMH Technologies. AMH Technologies is an engineering firm based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with offices in many countries in SE Asia like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, China and Philippines. Material handling, pneumatic conveying, being a core competence of them, they integrate many components from high quality suppliers around the world. Lindor and AMH Technologies have worked together on several powder mixing projects for over 10 years.

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