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No streaking as Chemineers mixers enhance Polyflors top quality flooring

KMX static mixers from Chemineer are helping enhance the manufacturing process and quality of finished product for one of the leading international suppliers of flooring.

Polyflor, who produce a wide range of high quality flooring products, including safety flooring, homogeneous vinyl floors, sports flooring and acoustic flooring, required complete mixing in the shortest possible length of pipe over a wide range of flow rates with minimal pressure drops.

To meet these requirements, Chemineer first introduced one of its high performance KMX static mixers into Polyflors production process, which involves mixing a minor pigment bearing stream with a viscous plastisol (liquid vinyl) stream of viscosity up to 40,000 centipoise. Following successful trials that produced complete mixing with no streaking, minimal losses in product between colour changes and modest pipeline pressure drops, a further three KMX mixers were purchased from Chemineer. Too long a mixer would result in costly product losses when changing colour and too high a pressure drop would require more powerful and costly pumps. Furthermore, incomplete mixing would lead to colour streaking in the finished flooring product, which would have been totally unacceptable.

Chemineers mixers have helped Polyflor enhance the quality of its finished product.

Here, versatility, low-maintenance, colour-choice and a facility for inlaid decoration were the key criteria for Polyflor floorcoverings recently installed at Birmingham Childrens Hospital.

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