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Riley supplies pre-owned powder coating plant to Philippines curtain rail manufacturer


Drapery Hardware Inc is based in Cavite, Philippines. The company is a manufacturer and importer of curtain rails and accessories, dealing in domestic products as well as heavy duty tracks for stages, auditoriums, sky lights and motorised curtains and blinds.

The Drapeware range is produced at the company’s own manufacturing facility, which includes a selection of metal stamping and electroplating processes using brass and nickel finishes.

Drapery Hardware recently purchased a complete, pre-owned powder coating system from Riley Surface World. The plant is to be used for post finishing of a selection of the metal stampings as an alternative process to electroplating.

Drapeware2 med
The main reason for the change in production is to eliminate all potentially harmful solvents from the finishing process, making it safer for the company’s employees.

The system comprises a Eurotec powder spray booth with multi-cyclone powder recovery and automatic system control console. There are also four automatic powder guns and an additional manual powder coating system.

The booth has a completely stainless steel interior, which makes cleaning and colour changing a simple and rapid process. The cyclone recovers the usable over-sprayed powder and, after sieving, returns the powder to the gun feed container in the powder centre.

The guns incorporate a high voltage multiplier charging system which converts the low voltage DC power supply to a maximum output voltage of 85 kV and a maximum output current of either 50Ua or 100uA at the single point corona needle.

The gun nozzle may be fitted with a variety of powder deflectors and slotted caps which, combined with a forward air supply to the nozzle, enable the operator to control the spray pattern to suit the components being sprayed.

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The controls are easy to use, with three regulators for the regulation of compressed air for the venture pumps and a separate air supply direct to the front of the gun to keep the face of the powder spreaders clear.

The additional manual powder coating system is light, well balanced and comes complete with a circular deflector and flat nozzle, giving excellent penetration. The system also has a field replaceable power supply

Drapery Hardware’s managing director, Howard Ang, says that buying the pre-owned powder coating system from Riley Surface World makes sound economic sense when compared to the price of new equipment. It also enhances the company’s environmental credentials to be using recycled machinery.

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