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Chemical resistant food-grade polyethylene Cone Tanks are the perfect answer for brewing

Craft brewing in the UK is moving from strength to strength and whilst many categories are declining, sales of craft beer grew by 79 per cent in 2013, equating to 74 million pints being sold in pubs and bars across the country.  As more and more brands emerge, from one man micro-breweries, through to big-name brands capitalising on the growth, Aberdeen craft brand Brewdog is even looking to launch it’s own chain of craft beer shops.

And with the rise in popularity, of course, comes a hike in production and the demand for specialist production facilities and hardware.  Enduramaxx Cone Tanks are perfect for brewing.   Their conical design allows for sediment and impurities to drain to the bottom of the tank where they can be drained away at any point.  Made from high-impact chemical resistant food-grade polyethylene, the conical tanks are rationally molded for increased strength.  Ranging from 1360 litres, right through to 21000 litres, there is a conical tank to suit any brewery size, from a home set up, right through to a high capacity commercial installation.

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