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Portasteele Calculator Convert Liquid Level Contents Of Fire Suppression Agents Into Weight/mass Reading

No more cylinder weighing required

Coltraco Ultrasonics are thrilled to announce the launch of their Portasteele™ Calculator, the first system of its kind able to convert the liquid level contents of fire suppression agents into a weight/mass reading.

By converting the liquid level height of CO2, NOVEC™ 123, FM-200™and other liquefied gaseous readings taken with a UL-listed Portalevel® MAX, the Portasteele™ Calculator is able to calculate the exact mass/weight of the agent inside any cylinder and caters mathematically for temperature variations.

Removing the need for traditional manual dismantling and weighing of the system, the Portasteele™ Calculator is based on a stand-alone 7” tablet computer which makes calculations in real time, allowing the software to be used immediately in the field.

The Portasteele™ Calculator has the ability to save frequently used cylinder sizes and settings and also export the collected testing data, allowing Service Technicians to easily send servicing reports back to the Office or directly to Customers.

The Portasteele™ Calculator comes as a part of Coltraco Ultrasonics commitment to design and manufacture the most advanced portable, semi-fixed and continuous monitoring and diagnostic systems technology on sea and on land. Coltraco are a  Safesite™ technologies company with Mathematics and Science at our core.

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