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Cooling and Heat Exchange

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Requirements with a choice of solutions available from these oil-air coolers, off-line coolers, cooler bellhousings, oil-water coolers, shell and tube heat exchangers, safety heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers. Constructed from a range of materials to suit the working environment of the application.

Flow rates and cooling capacities to suit a huge range of industrial applications. Atex certification available for some models. Built-in as part of initial design or retrofitted. Marine certificates and offshore approvals for some models.

For full details and specification catalogue www.jbj.co.uk/cooling-heatexchange.html

Quality products for mechanical & fluid power.

jbj Techniques Ltd

jbj Techniques integrate extensive product knowledge and specification ability with excellent machine shop services and comprehensive product stocks to provide the service needed to keep your machinery systems performing to the optimum.

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