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Corrosion Fabric and Maintenance Audit Now Supports COMAH Sites

Strategic Corrosion Management has re-aligned its successful Corrosion, Fabric and Maintenance audit programme, the Effectiveness Audit, to support a growing requirement from companies operating COMAH facilities, such as the distillery sector.

SCM’s Effectiveness Audits, which have been delivered to companies including BP, Centrica and Shell on plants around the world, are used as a benchmarking tool to review efficiency of plant Fabric & Corrosion Maintenance programmes.

Most significantly, the audit, which is a GAP Analysis tailored to individual facilities, has demonstrated reduced maintenance costs of 85% over the lifetime of the plant.

With long experience in the oil & gas sector, and following the delivery of a series of audits for organisations in the process and manufacturing sectors, SCM has re-purposed the programme to meet the requirements of COMAH sites, expanding the scope of industries to include pharmaceutical, chemical storage and utilities.

The company found while analysing and reviewing plant integrity, corrosion and maintenance issues within a major UK distillery, there were many problems that SCM has identified and solved in other industries, which are common to the distillery market.

During an assessment programme of, which can take from as little as two days, experienced SCM consultants will review current processes and supporting documents, as well as conduct interviews with key personnel. By analysing maintenance records and strategies they are able to make clear where changes to integrity, inspection or maintenance processes can increase safety and plant availability whilst reducing maintenance costs and more importantly giving clients the ability to demonstrate Integrity Control to the HSE.

The Effectiveness Audit highlights integrity and maintenance management challenges and successes. By recommending even the smallest changes to processes, which are essential for safety, operations and plant life extension, the EA can make a significant difference to the cost of maintenance.

SCM is extremely confident in the Effectiveness Audits comprehensive and detailed analysis, along with its decades of site experience. Therefore, it will offer the Effectiveness Audit free* if the company fails to highlight savings equal to the cost of the audit.

Marc Dabbs, Products and Services Division Coordinator, said: ““There are common corrosion, maintenance and integrity issues across a number of industries, yet they all have their own specific processes and plant operations.

“Although different in their products and services, COMAH sites share similar challenges with corrosion mitigation and control. Because we have previously identified and solved these challenges for companies in the oil and energy industry, we have been able to significantly repurpose many of our tools and technologies, such as the Effectiveness Audit, and align them to the challenges encountered on individual COMAH sites.”

Marc added: “Our experiences in some of the most aggressive, safety-orientated and fast-moving industries enable us to offer a realistic and highly-competent view on almost any plant or process. The audit offers a transparent demonstration of efficient and effective fabric maintenance management, which can lead to significant cost savings, safety benefits and much better demonstration of integrity control.”

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