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Crane Fall Protection Systems

fall protection systems

Terex Material Handling is a registered specifier, supplier and installer of Latchways’ comprehensive range of fall protection and working at height products

The company is offering the safety systems alongside its extensive range of Demag lifting equipment for new crane installations, retrofits and refurbishments. Terex Material Handling will also supply and fit the fall protection systems to the cranes of other original equipment manufacturers.

Latchways manufactures a comprehensive range of safety equipment, including the innovative ManSafe® fall protection system for working at height. ManSafe® affords operators unfettered movement and continuous, hands free security whilst working at height. The operator’s safety harness is secured to the ManSafe® line via a high integrity lanyard and a ‘transfastener’ mobile anchor point, providing comfort and mobility for the operator.

The ManSafe® line is manufactured in 1 x 19, 8mm diameter stainless steel cable, which has low stretch properties and a breaking strain of over 45 kN. The line is permanently anchored to the crane girder at regular intervals, with the system cable tensioned to 5 kN, to prevent cable sag and possible whiplash in the event of a fall. The ManSafe® in-line constant energy absorber ensures that the maximum load on the worker and the end anchor does not exceed 18 kN in the event of a fall. The system is tested in accordance with EN 795:2012 and CEN TS 61415.

ManSafe® may be configured in single spans of up to 60 m or as a multi-span system. Typically, the fall protection system will accommodate up to three operators at the same time. Alternatively, custom systems may be configured for simultaneous use by up to ten operators.

Technicians from Terex Material Handling’s Demag Services’ Department have undergone extensive product familiarisation and training on Latchways’ products and are fully qualified to specify and install fall protection systems. Demag technicians are also well placed to provide instruction on the safe operation of the ManSafe® system to end users.
Terex Material Handling’s Services Director, Gordon Baird, stated:

“Latchways’ fall protection products are a good fit with our lifting equipment. We are now well placed to act as a single source for customers seeking material handling products and services, together with associated working at height safety systems.”

He added:
“Falls from height are the biggest single cause of death in the workplace and one of the biggest causes of serious industrial injury. Employers have a duty of care under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and Latchways’ fall protection systems represent the best means of providing a safer environment for those operators who are required to work at height.”

Terex MHPS (UK) Ltd, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 1QZ
Telephone enquiries to: 01295 676100 · Fax enquiries to: 01295 226102
Email enquiries to: bnb-service@terex.com · Website: www.demagcranes.co.uk

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