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Create Safety Signs On-Site

Safety signs, pipe marking, accurate chemicals labelling, LEAN and 5s initiatives all contribute to a safer working environment. Not only do they show you care for your employees´ well-being, they will also increase efficiency by reducing production interruptions because of an accident. Imagine being able to implement, revise or refresh these powerful tools on-site and on demand! »With a specialised Brady safety printer you can print all your safety signage on demand when and where you need it», says Tom Bieseman, EMEA Product Manager Safety Systems at Brady.Long lasting safety signs


All Brady safety printers can create ISO compliant safety signs on extremely durable materials that are well adapted to their environment. Brady experts can help you choose the best materials for your specific context, guaranteeing a long lifespan for each of your signs. These can be printed on materials that resist prolonged UV-exposure, extreme temperatures, moisture, chemicals and solvents or oil and grease, all depending on work floor conditions or the context in which your safety signs need to function. You can even print reflective or photo luminescent signs to create your own safety way guidance system for safe evacuations in the dark.

Consolidate your safety signage

In many cases, various company sites have different safety signage suppliers. Therefore the safety signs have different wording, varying sizes and ages. A Facilities Director, taking charge of multiple sites, can easily introduce a Brady safety printer at each site, setting up companywide templates for safety signage to consolidate all the safety signage across all sites. »Doing this, you can take full control of safety signage with technology that will support you in creating signs that are compliant with government and industry regulations, like ISO 7010. Replacing aging and fading signs and making them compliant, becomes a lot easier.»

Create custom signs in seconds

»If you need your own wording on a safety sign, ordering it piece by piece can prove costly and will quite possibly delay delivery time. An in-house safety printer can do just that a lot faster. Customising safety signs can be done in just a few clicks. These printers enable you to add warning messages, a condition or even your company logo to further increase the safety sign´s effect.

Be on top of your temporary signs

Recent site renovations and a constant stream of contractors can generate a need to identify temporary hazards. Having a safety printer at hand offers the flexibility to effectively deal with these kinds of temporary safety signage requests to avoid accidents and injuries.

Shapes, colours and sizes

Brady´s safety printers meet various customer requirements. »Some print monocolour signs, like the entry-level MiniMarkTM printer, or the BBPTM31 and BBPTM33, who also offer incredibly fast material changeovers. These printers can print safety signage with a maximum width of 100 mm. Brady´s GlobalmarkTM Colour & Cut offers the same maximum label width, but adds multicolour printing and a plotter enabling you to cut your safety signs in any shape you want. When you want the flexibility to produce big safety signs in-house, the BBPTM85 will print signage up to 254 mm wide in all colours with maximum ease. And while BMP71 prints monocolour labels up to 50 mm, it is a mobile printing system offering great mobility and the flexibility to print as you go. All printers can be used with existing computer setups, and Brady offers specialised label creation software to further maximise their potential.»

Within arm´s reach

»Having a safety signage printer at hand and a good supply of materials means you can deal with safety sign requests promptly and efficiently, decreasing the risk of injuries that might arise from insufficient signage. At the same time, a safety printer enables you to create custom safety messages adapted to specific contexts. And you can save time and cost by having in-house printing capabilities for durable, compliant and professional safety signs

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