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Save Space, Time & Money in Die-casting with Vacuum Distillation Systems

Vacuum Distillation Systems

Find out how die-casters save space, time and money with the right treatment of used release emulsions at the Euroguss International Trade Fair for Die-Casting in Nuremberg from 12 to 14 January

The leaders in wastewater-free production, H2O GmbH, will be presenting their VACUDEST vacuum distillation systems at Stand 339 in Hall 6. These systems reduce disposal costs by up to 95 per cent, paying for themselves in under two years in most cases.

How? VACUDEST evaporators excel using patented technologies such as Destcontrol and Clearcat. These ensure a constantly stable exceptional distillate quality. The treated water can be re-used in the production process, for example, as makeup water for cooling towers, soil washing water, or rinsing water for slide grinding or part cleaning processes. Production is wastewater-free. Leading die-casters have been using vacuum distillation systems for many years. These systems have established themselves as the safest and most efficient method.

To find out more, visit H2O GmbH at Stand 339 in the Surface Technology Pavilion in Hall 6. Euroguss is the largest trade fair of its type in Europe, showcasing innovative solutions for die-casting processes, such as aluminium die-casting, magnesium die-casting and zinc die-casting.

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H2O GmbH

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