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"Process Industry Promo"

- Direct Email Marketing to the Process Industries

Process Industry Promo is a Direct Email Marketing Service, from Process Industry Informer - the UK's leading Process Engineering Media.

It offers suppliers to the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation, Water, Utilities, Plastic & Rubber, Ceramics/Glass/Cement, Metals & Minerals etc industries the opportunity to reach a targeted and 100% requested email subscriber database of 10,000+ Process Engineering professionals.

What this offers:

  • Reach a high-quality targeted audience
  • 100% requested subscribers built up over 9 years
  • Campaign reporting
  • Trusted source
  • Send own HTML email or a recommendation from us
  • Limited availability, so not 'over-sold' data
  • Send follow up email to all subscribers who 'Clicked' through
Our phone number - 01428 75 118 8
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Campaign Reporting

Campaign Reporting

You will receive a report for:

-Number of opens

-Number of Click-throughs.

Recommended by PII

HTML or Recommendation?

HTML emails can look excellent and professional, however nothing is better than a recommendation from someone. Between us we'll write a short email highlightng the benefits and why we recommend this with a link to more information within the text.

Follow Up Email



Follow up email

Although we cannot disclose any contact information, as part of the package we can send a follow up email to all subscribers who 'Clicked Through' to your website/landing page.

What's the catch?

Here's the catch...

As the name suggests 'Process Industry Promo' we want to send only EXCLUSIVE offers to our readers. This means they CANNOT be seen anywhere else and are only available for Process Industry Informer readers.

All campaigns have to be approved by us and can be rejected if you do not meet the above criteria.

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