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Do you have powder handling problems?

Attend one of the Wolfson Centre Short Courses this summer to learn how to prevent or mitigate these problems:

21 – 23 May; Register for the 2 day Practical Powder Characterisation and Sampling for Industry course to identify powders behavioural properties by

·      Particle size measurement (manual and automated)
·      Density (solid and bulk)
·      Flow property measurements
·      Moisture mechanics
·      Segregation, degradation and caking
·      Explosability
·      Pneumatic conveying properties
·      Dustiness
·      Sampling

Spend a third day in our laboratories using the equipment and techniques discussed.

4 June: On the one day Segregation, Degradation and caking course you will to discover:

·      Why a well mixed blend becomes a variable one due to separation in handling; (segregation)

·      Why materials suffer damage during conveying from one part of the process to another; (degradation)

·      Why free flowing powders can become solid lumps during transport; (caking)

For details/booking on these courses and services provided by the Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology  please visit www.bulksolids.com or contact [email protected]; 020 8331 8646

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