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Dosing Range Pump and Motor Sets for Russian Oil Refinery

Dosing Range Pump

Wanner International has completed a major order to supply its Hydra-Cell metering and dosing pumps to a leading Russian oil refinery. The order comprised some 44 ATEX approved pump & motor sets along with mechanical speed variators, pressure relief valves and pulsation dampeners.

In all, some seven different pump models were required for flows up to 4600 litres per hour and pressures up to 63 bar and all are driven by GOST Certified motors.

“Most of the pumps supplied meet or exceed the metering performance requirements of API 675,” said Paul Davis, Managing Director. “And the fact that Hydra-Cell pumps showed the lowest projected Life Cycle Costs (LCC) contributed greatly to gaining the business.”

Hydra-Cell pumps have no dynamic seals and can therefore provide 100% containment of the pumped liquid, which is critical in many refinery applications.

The fact that dry running does not damage Hydra-Cell pumps was also a major consideration. Dry start-up, pumping a tank until its empty and guarding against operator error (emptying a supply tank by mistake does happen) are potentially disastrous for conventional pumps that depend on the pumped liquid for internal lubrication but are no problem for Hydra-Cell pumps.

“Working closely with Pump Union LLC, our Russian distributor, we were also able to meet all the technical requirements,” continued Davis, “That we were able to supply literature and documentation in Russian language also gave the customer confidence.”

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