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E.ON Power Plant Actuator Retrofit Celebrates Five Years

SIPOS Aktorik marks five years since completing a comprehensive actuator retrofit for E.ON’s Franken 1 power plant in Germany that is fired by oil and gas

Illustrating key competencies for valve control services in the power sector, support included a comprehensive upgrade with removal of 120 old actuators and installation of 200 SIPOS devices. Extensive on-site assistance has been provided which underlines SIPOS’ collaborative approach to power industry partnerships.

The 790 MW plant’s control system is managed by Siemens. SIPOS demonstrated its skills providing a total support service to power plants including the commissioning of complete units. The initial installation at the Nuremberg-Gebersdorf site was completed in just over two weeks: this confirmed SIPOS’ rapid response service designed to minimise down time and maximise plant efficiency.

Commenting on the company’s credentials supporting the power sector, Dr. Thomas Suckut, SIPOS Aktorik’s Managing Director said:

“Providing advanced actuation technology, backed by highly qualified and responsive local support, has been key to the success of installations, such as the prestigious Franken 1 plant.

“Retrofit capabilities are particularly important to the power sector – the efficiency of fossil fired plants is critical:  this is central to the reduction of the carbon footprint and improvements to plant production’s competitiveness.”

Technical support at SIPOS goes beyond planning and reliable delivery, complete support is provided throughout to ensure rapid start-up and long term, trouble-free actuator operation. Regular inspection and preventive maintenance increases operational safety, reduces failure risks and enables early detection of damage or potential system problems.

SIPOS Aktorik

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