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‘pick & pack’ services

Gaining a competitive edge and cutting costs are two objectives which probably appear high on the agenda of most small to medium sized engineering, manufacturing component companies, particularly when trading conditions are tough. Outsourcing storage, pick and dispatch is an area which provides smaller manufacturers with real opportunities for cost-savings, without compromising quality of service.

TFL, Technical Fulfilment Ltd is a company which identified the need for accurate and reliable ‘pick & pack’ services focusing on industrial manufacturers, such as those making small component parts or fittings. For example, you need pick and pack components, but on this occasion you need 26 sub-assemblies delivered to a rig for immediate installation, would your current fulfilment provider, in-house or out-sourced, be able to get it right?

TFL breaks with tradition in so far as it’s structured specifically to pick & pack with complete accuracy, create sub-assemblies as and when required and dispatches these goods on-time, just as if it was your own warehouse attached to your office. Furthermore, as result of a collaboration with an ‘e’-shop specialist TFL have developed new options which take advantage of the very latest ‘e’ commerce technology where orders can be processed for customers with optimum ease and efficiency. In addition to providing their standard integrated or manual service, whereby TFL import orders directly from customers files onto its system, the new ‘e’-shop system means TFL can import orders directly from a customers web site onto its own system.
Attention to detail and a high standard in order fulfilment, whether it’s sending out one component or 1000, on a regular basis or for a one-off project, are treated with equal importance. BETE Ltd, a leading UK specialist nozzle supplier and users of Technical Fulfilment Services comments, ‘TFL have provided us with storage, distribution and assembly facilities for over 4 years and we are very happy, they have shown a truly high level of customer service, thanks to the TFL team, we are well supported’.

In addition to offering standard fulfilment services to non-engineering companies, TFL also specialises in sub-assemblies and employs technically aware staff to gather and assemble components for a range of clients. All goods that arrive into storage are checked at the point of entry, placed in bins and allocated a computer location, ensuring that what is on a stock sheet is genuinely what is in stock. Also, accurate inventory control means that we always know where your goods are, whether in-store or in-transit. TFL has invested in sophisticated software and tracking systems to ensure that all consignments can be tracked through all stages of the process with reports.

For more information contact:

Technical Fulfilment Services Ltd, Newark, Notts.
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 400092. Fax: +44 (0) 1273 401220.

E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.technicalfulfilment.co.uk


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