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Ease Water & Wastewater Processes with Remote Valve Operation

FlexiDrive control valves

FlexiDrive controls valves up to 30 metres away

The FlexiDrive from Smith Flow Control helps workers in the water and wastewater industry remotely operate valves in hard-to-reach or hazardous locations. The FlexiDrive’s linear drive cable transfers torque from a handwheel to any conventional wheel-operated valve up to 30 metres away, accommodating 540 degree bends in the cable run.

FlexiDrive can be used in the most extreme climates, making it suitable for water and wastewater applications. Valves in underground pits that create a risk of falling, or in areas with odours from chemicals or waste, can be operated from a safe location. A submersible version of FlexiDrive is available that operates valves in up to 15 metres of water.

FlexiDrive is completely maintenance-free and available in two sizes to accommodate large and small valves.

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