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Easy Data Collection with Multi-sensor Switch Box

multi sensor switchbox

Hansford Sensors, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of industrial accelerometers, has launched a new multi-sensor switch box, which enables quick and simple vibration data collection from remote points. The HS-SRM is Hansford Sensors’ latest addition to its extensive range of industrial multi-sensor switch boxes.

Designed with a sloping roof to protect against dirty and dusty environments, the HS-SRM provides a common point to terminate up to 100 accelerometers for data collection in industrial and process plants. The switch box comes with mounting brackets and features a spring loaded terminal for quick and simple installation without a screwdriver. It is enclosed in a lockable stainless steel casing with glands, sealing it to an ingress protection level of IP66, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.

“The HS-SRM is designed to make data collection of remote accelerometers as easy as possible, whilst also being reliable and robust,” said Chris Hansford, Managing Director at Hansford Sensors. “This solution meets the needs of customers operating in a range of different industrial environments and process conditions where vibration measurement is required to prevent machine failure and downtime.”

Hansford Sensors’ range of switch boxes supports its industrial accelerometers, which include standard sensors, submersible and ATEX-approved sensors for specialised applications. Hansford Sensors also supplies vibration sensor modules, portable vibration meters and condition monitoring protection systems.

For further information on industrial multi-sensor switch boxes from Hansford Sensors, please click here.

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