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Economical Dust Suppression for Large Spaces


Any process that handles solid materials is likely to produce dust. Once airborne, fine dust becomes a significant health hazard, especially when it contains silica. The exposure limits for respirable silica are currently 0.1mg/m3reduced still further. To achieve these levels it is essential to make use of all available dust reduction techniques. Often, in large buildings, vehicle movements alone will cause the limits to be breached.

Generally, the cost of dust collection and / or building pressurisation around common areas can be prohibitive both in capital and energy costs.

A far more cost effective approach is to use fog to suppress airborne dust.

Respirable dust particles are so small and light that they are supported by air molecules. To eliminate airborne dust, this resistance to gravity has to be overcome. Fog works by using very small droplets of water, typically in the size range 5 to 20 microns. These water droplets are small enough to allow a particle of dust to stick to the droplet.

The result is that the dust now becomes heavy enough to fall through the air column and is no longer a nuisance. If the droplet sizes are too large e.g. > 20 micron, then the dust particle just bounces off the water tension and remains airborne. By using a matrix of nozzles, fog is sprayed into the area and settles the dust. A remarkable feature of fog is that when installed correctly, it does not wet the area.

Renby MicronFog™ is the cost effective solution for airborne dust in large areas.

Power and water consumption are both low. For further reduction in energy consumption, all pump variants are operated on an inverter as standard.

There are many uses for MicronFog™; this ranges from Dust Suppression in solids handling to food process Disinfection and from Humidification to process Cooling.

To find out more about Renby MicronFogTM and other dust containment techniques: Contact Renby Ltd on 01829 740913 now or [email protected] and www.renby.co.uk

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