Self-powered Wireless Sensors With Energy-efficient Operation

​Sensors have a key function in industrial production. For example, they can be used for quality and process monitoring or condition-based maintenance. The application spectrum is large and is evolving mainly due to the increasing use of self-powered wireless sensors in the direction of an industrial Internet of things. By combining wireless function with energy- […]

Effluent Treatment: The Key Technologies & How They Are Being Used

​The focus of UK manufacturing is typically, and understandably, on driving up plant throughput.  While this is a valid and sensible objective, it can put a big strain on the effluent treatment plants of many companies.  These plants play a critical part in the production process, dealing with the wastewater produced as a natural by-product […]

Eliminating Compressor Technology Maintenance Requirements

The reliability of compressors has steadily improved in the last decade, due to factors such as new monitoring and control technologies, higher manufacturing standards and techniques such as predictive maintenance. Despite this, compressors still require routine maintenance, as well as upgrading or replacing as they age, or as the needs of the customer change over […]

Self-service Predictive Analytics Reduces Downtime & Avoids Unnecessary Risks

Changing raw material prices, commoditisation, increasing regulatory stringency and various other market dynamics all impact process industry margins. In such an active market, it is necessary to be as flexible as possible without tying up big amounts of capital over years to come. This article will look at how a golden fingerprint can be created by […]

Choosing The Right Bearing Material & How It Affects Performance

~ How different bearing materials can affect bearing performance ~ Although bearings are mechanically quite simple, choosing the right bearing material to match the loading and environmental conditions can drastically affect bearing performance. Richard Huber – Material Scientist, MatmatchHere, Richard Huber, material scientist at materials comparison website Matmatch, explains what design engineers should consider when choosing […]

How Electromagnetic Flowmeters Improve Wastewater Measurement And Reduce Risk Of Excess Discharges

​Accurate measurement of wastewater flows is needed to help maintain compliance with increasingly stringent legislation aimed at minimising the impact of human activities on the environment. Alan Hunt, ABB’s Electromagnetic Flow Product Manager for UK and Ireland, explains why electromagnetic flowmeters can offer the best solution for keeping track of wastewater flows. Alan Hunt, ABB’s […]

Boiler Contaminants That Jeopardise Power Plant Operation & Maintenance

Optimum positioning of analytical instruments at key points throughout the water and steam cycle and water treatment plant on modern power stations, can provide operators with a valuable insight into improving plant efficiency and cost effectiveness. Jon Penn of ABB Measurement & Analytics UK explains the benefits of balanced boiler chemistry and how key contaminants can […]

What Is A Reliability Culture?

In order to achieve the highest performance standards an organisation needs to develop a reliability-centred culture where everybody recognises their personal responsibility to improve the processes, systems and working relationships, which the success of the organisation depends on. It can be compared to the same attitude developed to safety, now embedded in the psyche of […]

Benefits Of Thermal Fluid Heating Systems With Economisers

​Why aren’t more companies reaping the benefits?​ Chris Horsley, Managing Director of Babcock Wanson asks why more companies aren’t reaping the benefits of thermal fluid heating systems with integral economisers. Chris Horsley – Managing Director, Babcock WansonEconomisers for Steam Generators have been around for many years and virtually all boiler makers offer them. Economisers for thermal […]

Understanding Functional Safety In The Process Industries

​How well do you understand the term functional safety? Could you describe why there are international standards that specifically deal with functional safety, which parts of these standards apply to engineering or management activities and what measures are required to ensure compliance? Peter Stabler, BPELeading process engineering firm BPE, which is award-winning for its work […]