Process Engineering – Everything You Need To Know!

Process engineering is a complex and continuously changing field – so it can be quite difficult to understand exactly what a process engineer does on a day-to-day basis. However, it’s all in the name!Process engineers are responsible for the design, implementation, control, and optimisation of industrial processes.  In this article, we’ll take a deep look […]

How To Choose The Best Maintenance​ Plan For Your Manufacturing Plant

​According to a 2017 survey conducted by Oneserve in partnership with British manufacturers, downtime costs Britain’s manufacturers more than £180 billion every year. This is an extraordinary figure, but additional unexpected costs hit businesses in high volume low margin sectors hardest. Here, James Davey, service manager at industrial systems integrator, Boulting Technology explains how to […]

How The Ocean Cleanup Is Helping to Reduce Plastic Waste

​As a design material, plastic is fantastic. Cheap, durable and light – it is the doyen of packaging, the king of all our white goods and the magic ingredient in everything from shampoo to cosmetics. But, as we send more and more plastic to landfill and into our oceans, it is becoming ubiquitous with our […]

Selecting The Right Pressure Transmitter For Your Application – Top Tips

​The variety of potential applications and installation locations for pressure measurement means it is difficult to set any hard and fast rules. In this article, David Bowers, Product Manager for Pressure and Process Flow for ABB Measurement and Analytics in the UK, advises on some basic guidelines that will help to shape and narrow down […]

What is DDMRP and how can business planners use it?

​Demand-driven material requirements planning (DDMRP) has been going from strength to strength since its conception in 2011, with adoption from leading companies around the world. Here, Roger Fleury, Managing Director of resource management software specialist Ardent Solutions, Birmingham, explains DDMRP, its fundamental theory and why it’s more than just another industry buzzword. Roger Fleury, Managing […]

Industrial Robots Evolution Into Advanced ‘Cobots’

Robots have transformed the workplace and will take industries to new levels in the coming years as technology, workplace practices and industry processes become increasingly innovative. To date, robots have notably taken their place in large-scale production, but advances in robotics technology are presenting sizeable productivity and profitability opportunities for a wealth of industries where […]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

​​By Sebastian Amos BSc (Hons) CEng MInstMC | Sector Head – Process Instrumentation & Control | GAMBICAIntroductionThe following table has been around for many years and reflects four key statements that everyone should recognise. Whilst it may not have been “invented” by Donald Rumsfeld, he brought it to the fore in 2002. ​From a brief […]

Industry 4.0 & Smart Data Use: Positive Impact On The Supply Chain

​The impact of industry 4.0 and smart use of data is reducing disruption in the supply chain says LLamasoft’s Michael WallravenThe impact of Industry 4.0 could easily be identified as a threat and a disruptor to the traditional supply chain. The truth is that, when deployed correctly, this dynamic combination is the antidote to supply […]

The Serious Inaccuracies In Compressor Efficiency Assessment

​At present, zero-hour data which is CAGI* verified is commonly used to calculate the life cycle cost (LCC) of an air compressor. However, these figures assume that a compressor’s efficiency remains constant regardless of how long it has been used. In reality, a compressor’s Specific Energy – a measurement of its energy usage – changes […]

Identifying The Causes Of Bearing Damage and Failure

​Bearings don’t often fail – but when they do, a close visual inspection of the damage can reveal details of machine operating conditions, and suggests possible remedies, as Phil Burge, Marketing and Communications Manager at SKF explains. Phil Burge, Marketing & Communications Manger, SKFWhile bearing failure is a common fear in industry, it only happens […]