How to Achieve Optimum Silo Level Measurement

Being able to accurately assess the level of liquids throughout industrial and chemical processes is key to achieving efficient automated control. The measurement of liquids in industrial and chemical processes has evolved significantly in recent years. Increasingly sophisticated processing systems and the introduction of stringent environmental regulations require a high degree of accuracy with reliable […]

Essential tips for Temperature Measurement in the Food Industry

Temperature control in the food industry is an essential input for a variety of reasons:Optimal food storage in freezers, fridges or near ambient controlCooking control for food processingPreservation process i.e. PasteurisationEnergy cost controlFood hygiene through bacterial controlStorage during distributionConsistency is the secret in the recipe and the process used to make it. Surface contact and […]

Definitive Guide to Differential Pressure Measurement

Differential pressure (DP) flow measurement technology has been and remains the most widely used approach as plants work toward a higher level of operational excellence. It’s not hard to see why. Engineers and technicians understand how it works, it can handle any kind of fluid (liquids, gases, steam, etc.), installations can be built in any […]

Flowmeters to look out for in 2018

Introduction By Mark Iverson, General Manager, AW Lake Company Digitalisation and the Internet of Things are transforming flowmeters. While many manual flow gauges still operate in the field, flow meters enable real-time monitoring and control of operating status from the convenience of a control room or smart device. The real-time visibility into operations is very valuable and cost-effective, […]

How Digital Twinning Is Shaping The Future of Manufacturing

Today, the most innovative manufacturing businesses are often the ones taking advantage of the new wave of industry-transforming technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Industry 4.0, as these trends have commonly become known, is the next phase of the digitisation of the manufacturing sector and a […]

Could New EU Directives Increase Industrial Cyber Security?

Cyber security is not a new topic, but it is increasingly a central factor in modern risk management in the industrial sector. Nevertheless, it is not just about management of risk but also a matter of personal responsibility.  Production related threats, such as production losses, impaired quality or delivery delays, are no longer the only […]

Are ‘Cobotics’ The Answer To Solving The UK Productivity Gap?

Robots are nothing new. Say “Danger, Will Robinson,” to anyone who grew up in the 70s and they will know exactly what you’re talking about. What is new is the level of capability and relative low cost made possible by the proliferation of high performance sensors, integrated control and increasing volumes. By Martin Walder, VP Industry […]

Selecting The Best Pump for Controlling Dosing

Dosing pumps are an important piece of equipment for manufacturers and processors across a whole range of industries. For continuous processing and in-line blending, when it’s necessary to dispense a constant, accurate amount of product every time, dosing pumps are essential.  But not all dosing pumps are the same – while most positive displacement pumps […]

How Manufacturers Running Legacy Systems Can Protect Against Ransomware

Many UK manufacturers are still running legacy systems which are extremely vulnerable to ransomware cyber security attacks, such as the recent high-profile WannaCry epidemic which impacted businesses in more than 150 countries.By By Tony Mannion, Sales Development Manager at SolutionsPT Tony Mannion, Sales Development Manager at SolutionsPTBut with regulations requiring organisations to protect their data, […]

Why Nozzle Selection Is Critical For Coating Applications

​Maintaining quality and consistency are among the key requirements in all manufacturing processes, but especially in food manufacturing. A good example of this is where products require coatings as part of the demands for manufacturers to provide new innovations and variations to ensure they maintain a competitive edge. There are many types of spray coating […]