Selecting The Right Chemical Dosing System

The accurate, controlled delivery of chemicals is a fundamental part of many industrial and water treatment processes. For system owners though, selecting appropriate, often automated, chemical dosing equipment can present a significant challenge. WES Ltd’s Managing Director, Kevin Wheeler, explains the process.By Kevin Wheeler, Managing Director WES Ltd By Kevin Wheeler, Managing Director WES LtdWater […]

Froth Pumping: How Mine Operators Can Overcome 3 Common Challenges

​Weir Minerals offers advice for dealing with froth pumping’s key challenges, maximising pump availability and minimising maintenance in operators’ flotation circuits. To counteract declining ore grades, more and more mine operators are investing in techniques to increase the minerals reclaimed from froth pumping. However, when these techniques are deployed without making allowances for the design […]

Managing Cybersecurity Risk in Smart Valve and Pumping Technology

​By Nigel Stanley, CTO at TUV RheinlandFor decades, pumps and valves have been the main stay of many industrial processes, be it moving and controlling fluids, gasses or slurry. Technology may have advanced, but the core function of this basic but critical hardware has remained the same. Recently we have seen “smart” technology and the […]

Bearing Basics: What Everyone Should Know About Proper Selection, Installation and Lubrication

​Rolling element bearings must manage broad ranges of speed and many combinations of loads while resisting damaging environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, dust and debris, compromised lubrication, moisture and unusual mounting conditions. With so many factors affecting bearing operation, it is important for design engineers, plant technicians and service professionals to understand bearing basics […]

Hybrid Bearing Life – A Reality Check

Hybrid bearings, combining ceramic rolling elements with steel raceways, have proved superior in many applications, but how can you predict their suitability for yours? The answer is a new bearing life model that assesses and compares bearing performance in real-world conditions.By Guillermo Morales-Espejel, Principal Scientist, Research and Technology Development, at SKF Guillermo Morales-Espejel, Principal Scientist, […]

Pumps Market is Projected to Hit USD 91 Billion By 2025

​Over the past few years, the global pumps market has emerged as one of the most lucrative spheres in the industrial sector. Powered by the fast-paced industrial expansion across the globe and rising investment in oil and gas exploration activities, the global pumps industry has registered appreciable momentum lately, and is endorsed by a widespread […]

Counting The Cost Of Energy-related Failures In The Process Industry

The cost of an interruption to operations as a result of an energy-related failure can be huge for any organisation to bare, especially as the number of power failures is predicted to increase . For the process sector, in particular, the need to protect against such outages is even more significant as Powerstar’s CEO Dr. […]

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Market Growth Opportunities

Despite the rapid infiltration of highly-efficient dry ring vacuum pumps coupled with the cost-prohibitive nature of the liquid ring vacuum pumps, the market is projected to advance at a CAGR of ~5% during 2019-2029.By Ronak Shah – Market research writer at Persistence Market Research Ronak Shah – Market research writer at Persistence Market Research​The spurt […]

Pump Technology for Biofuels Production

Aggressive acids, high temperatures, high-viscous media and legislation encountered in biofuels production are imposing significant requirements on pump technology. The design, materials, drives and seals used for pumps are crucial for the economic efficiency of production plants. Christoph Pauly at KSB discusses the various pump systems suitable for the most diverse fluids pumped and ambient […]

Key Components for Pumps and Valves to Succeed at Industry 4.0

Just when the realisation hits that technology couldn’t get any better, it does get better. And the shifting paradigms from the Third Industrial Revolution to the Fourth Industrial Revolution stand as a testament to the fact.By Ronak Shah – Market research writer at Fact.MR Ronak Shah – Market research writer at Fact.MR​The Fourth Industrial Revolution […]