Level Limit Switch Selection for the Grain Industry

Compact solutions for different processes within bulk material handling for the grain industryHow to support a smooth process flow with the right point level limit detector Wheat, barley, rye, maize, semolina, bran, groats or oats – to name just a few of the many officially approved cereal varieties you can find during processes in a […]

How To Extend Electric Motor Life – Essential Tips

Electric Motors are central to many industry processes. However, through extended use, electric motors can become worn and less efficient, driving associated costs up for businesses. Here we discuss how to extend Electric Motor LifeBy Autumn Wiberg – Copywriter (On behalf of Houghton International)By Autumn Wiberg – Copywriter (On behalf of Houghton International)Motors are central […]

​Understanding the Potential of Industry 4.0 and IIoT

Industries today are under pressure from tighter regulations, increasing market speed and volatility, and the need to modernise ageing systems. In order to keep pace, our industrial environments must adapt to improve agility, attract new talent and provide employees with the insight they need to maintain productivity. While Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of […]

Using Next Generation Industrial Analytics To Improve Process Plant Profitability

As disruption escalates in 2017, industry faces increasing pressure to transform in order to remain competitive. This means finding ways to leverage new technologies and identify opportunities for optimisation.By: Edwin van Dijk, VP of Marketing, TrendMinerAuthor: Edwin van Dijk, VP of Marketing, TrendMinerAs disruption escalates in 2017, industry faces increasing pressure to transform in order […]

A Brief History & Future of Process Instrumentation

Process Instrumentation is a collective term for sensors incorporated into measuring instruments used for indicating, measuring and recording physical quantities. Forming the basis of process control, instruments continue to improve their capability, repeatability, accuracy,reliability and cost.By Sebastian Amos BSc (Hons) CEng MInstMC | Sector Head – Process Instrumentation & Control | GAMBICABy Sebastian Amos BSc (Hons) […]

Preparing for Hazardous Chemical Exposure in the Workplace

If you work with hazardous, corrosive chemicals, it’s essential to take steps to ensure that your employees and colleagues can be kept safe during an emergency. With any luck, you’ll go your entire career without having to deal with an emergency situation; however, it’s important to be well prepared should the unthinkable happen.By Paul Thorn, […]

Reduce Air Compressor Energy Consumption Whilst Boosting Productivity

​There is no doubting the costs involved in running an energy intensive compressed air system. However, it is possible to reduce a compressor’s energy consumption – and therefore its running costs – while at the same time boosting its productivity by applying sensible control measures. By Mark Whitmore of BOGEThere is no doubting the costs involved […]

How Food & Beverage Plant Managers Can Make The Most Of Downtime

​Planned downtime is a a critical part of the production cycle, allowing maintenance and plant engineers to assess the status of equipment and ensure it is fully functional and make planned repairs and upgrades. While necessary, this process has traditionally been a bugbear of many plant managers. Yet the development of smart technologies is changing […]

Managing Heat Exchanger Design and Market Trends with CAD

Heat exchangers find the largest application in various verticals of process industry, be it food processing, chemical processing, pulp and paper, HVACR, power generation or any other. Heat exchangers are probably one of those types of equipment that have undergone constant fundamental changes in design and form since the evolution. Due to changes in this […]