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Efficient Water and Wastewater Processes by Wide Range of PumpTechnology

With long experience and continued research and development into pump technology, SPX is able to deliver reliable, high performing solutions to the water and wastewater industry. Through brands such as Bran+Luebbe, Johnson Pump and Waukesha Cherry-Burrell (WCB), it offers a wide range of solutions to applications from chemical injection, through polymer flocculation to clean water transfer.

Using diaphragm technology, the inherent high accuracy of the Bran+Luebbe Novados and ProCam metering pumps can help optimize the use of chemicals and ensure correct, safe water quality across a wide range of flow requirements. The ProCam has mechanically actuated double diaphragm pumps for low to medium range applications and the innovative Novados range offers the flexibility to combine nearly all gear sizes to meet required higher flow rates and pressure with the option of PTFE or stainless steel diaphragms. These pump ranges are ideal for most types of chemical injection including fluoride, pH neutralization and anti-corrosion additives. The robust, accurate nature of this technology means that raw material costs can be reduced and critical water services reliably maintained.

The Johnson Pump FreFlow self-priming centrifugal pump offers excellent service in the transfer of clean water around the plant or between stations. The casing design incorporates a volute with an internal geometry that efficiently separates out air or gases entrained in the water to maintain performance. The impeller is offset towards the bottom of the pump so it is always in a liquid bath allowing and t  soft particles to easily pass. An internal oil bath within the pump keeps the seal lubricated in the event that the pump runs dry. The pump also has wear plates on the vanes that are replaceable for simple, cost effective maintenance.

WCB positive displacement pumps are ideal for use in polymer additive applications. The action of the pump assures the correct amount of polymer is added to the system without adding shear that can break the polymer chains; ensuring the process remains efficient and effective for the removal of fine particles within the water stream.

Through brands with an extensive history within the water industry and personnel with detailed expertise of water processes, SPX is able to offer pumping solutions that help improve plant performance and reduce operational costs in all types of water processing applications. Pumps are designed and proven to give reliable performance in the harsh environments that can be experienced in water treatment plants and stations and to reduce the total cost of ownership throughout their lifetime.

The wide range of pumps within SPX’s portfolio means it is able to advise and offer the best solution for particular application needs.  Furthermore, SPX pumps are supported by expert engineering services; including pump inspection, repair and remanufacture; online diagnostics and readily available spares to ensure processes remain optimized and reliable well into the future.

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