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New eGuide Helps Manufacturers Profit From Water Market Reform

Inprova Energy has published a free guide to water market reform, which offers the prospect of lower utility bills for manufacturing businesses in England

The short “Preparing for UK water market reform and competition” eGuide advises manufacturers about the changes taking place on 1st April 2017.

In nine months’ time the non-domestic water market in England will be fully open to competition, allowing businesses to switch their provider of water services much like they can change their energy supplier today.

The process of deregulation in England is well under way, with the largest users of water (sites of 5,000+m3 per annum) already having the right to switch supply to another provider. In Scotland, where there has been a fully competitive market since 2008, many businesses have achieved impressive cost savings.

The eGuide recommends three-steps manufacturers should take to get prepare and benefit from market changes. These are:

  1. Conduct a review of current water spend to ensure the accurate specification of water arrangements, as well as identifying historic errors and opportunities to reduce charges and wastage.
  2. Formulate a water procurement strategy to be ready for the tendering process in order to secure the best deals.
  3. Improve water management and efficiency to capitalise on savings now and after market reform.

Mike Lee, Water Services Manager for Inprova Energy, said: “While manufacturers have benefited from the deregulated gas and electricity market, most haven”t been able to choose their water supplier. With the water market changes taking place, many of England”s businesses will be able to secure lower costs through tariff optimisation, improved service and streamlined billing. We are already seeing businesses evaluate their approach to water management in preparation for deregulation as they realise the importance of getting ahead of the game and preparing early.”

Although no plans have been announced yet for market changes in Wales or Northern Ireland, some suppliers will offer consolidated billing across the UK for multi-site customers, resulting in simpler administration and monitoring.

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