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Enamelled Piping Range for Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

By reorganising its product range, De Dietrich aims to become a major player on the piping market for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

As a key leader in the enamelled equipment sector, particularly in reactors, De Dietrich relies on its technical expertise to propose a standard range of enamelled piping, which is both attractive and available at short notice. In order to meet the market”s objectives, the company has made a stock of over 12,000 items available, covering the whole range of the sector”s standard needs.

The process peripherals (piping, pumps, valves, columns, gaskets, etc.) are components that are as important as the »heart» of the system. The De Dietrich glass-lined piping range thus benefits from the same quality of enamel as used for the reactors. A distinctive feature of De Dietrich”s enamel is that it is manufactured on-site, in France, allowing control over the quality of the Group´s whole range of equipment.

The current piping range is particularly suitable for transporting acid and alkaline fluids, abrasive solutions and high-temperature fluids in atmospheric or pressure conditions and in vacuum-high vacuum application in combination with temperature. In that last case the plastic lining have problems with accidental collapse.Our range is designed for projects of all sizes and types: new installations or maintenance, always respecting the requirements of the most demanding markets.

Corrosion-resistant, non-adhesive, pure, easy to clean and without catalytic effect, the components of De Dietrich piping are used by over 200 clients worldwide, in a quality that has made the company”s success. Another distinctive feature is the company”s engineering and consultancy skills, allowing it to take part in large-scale projects.

Worldwide, clients can rely on the group”s expertise in selecting the standard product best suited to their needs in order to optimise the operating life and the dimensioning of the equipment. De Dietrich can additionally provide tailor-made solutions when required.

Finally, the glass-lined piping range is offered at highly competitive prices, making it the most attractive offer in terms of cost-performance ratio.

De Dietrich Process Systems Ltd

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