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Energy-saving Mixers Central to ESOS Compliance

Chemineer’s Irfan Rehman

The Government’s new mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) will give businesses the chance to make significant long-term savings, according to leading mixer manufacturer, Chemineer, a brand of NOV.

With a compliance deadline of December 5th 2015, large UK (non-ISO 50001) companies and their corporate groups are required to carry out an energy assessment and notify the Environment Agency. This includes industrial processes, which must be identified for cost-effective energy saving measures.

“New regulations don’t usually meet with that much cheer”, said Chemineer’s Irfan Rehman, “but ESOS is as it says, an opportunity – to review and improve efficiency, particularly some long running processes, which in many cases can see increased productivity, and be more energy efficient with a retrofit to the latest technologies.

He added: “Sometimes it is just historic, over-designed mixing equipment that needs updating, especially impellers, where new efficient ones exist. Other mixing equipment can now be provided as removable, clamp-ons for more flexibility. Often an agitator wasn’t designed for the actual duty, so with ESOS approaching, it is a good time to get help with an energy audit from a reputable organisation so that the process can be optimised. Technology has moved on. Agitation software and CFD models can also be of great benefit”.

Rehman also pointed to changes in agitator materials, process speeds and baffle arrangements that should all be addressed when seeking advice from an experienced mixer manufacturer. Options could also be presented to switch from a less labour-intensive batch process to continuous in-line mixing.

Organisations that qualify must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. In addition to businesses, ESOS can also apply to not-for-profit bodies and any other non public sector undertakings that are large enough to meet the qualification criteria.

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