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ESOS Compliance Deadline Warning

With only seven months to go to the ESOS compliance deadline, Darryl Mattocks, managing director of Enistic, is warning that there might not be enough lead assessors to go round.

Enistic, with headquarters in Oxford, has subsidiaries in throughout Europe, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa and has just been shortlisted for an Ashden Award for excellence in the field of sustainable energy. Clients include many household names such as Pret A Manger, Airtricity, Honda, and Fujitsu.

Darryl warns: “I have real concerns around the supply and demand of lead assessors. There are over 10,000 businesses which need to report their ESOS assessment by 5 December – and only around 500 lead assessors. The closer we get to deadline, the more pressure will build on their workload.

“If you haven”t made a start on your ESOS compliance I implore you to make a start right now. Delay any longer and you risk getting caught up in a bottleneck when work piles up for the limited number of assessors available.”

Organisations who fail to meet the deadline risk fines of up to £50,000 or £500 a day.

Enistic offers an Easy ESOS scheme to guarantee compliance, starting with a free, no obligation briefing meeting to cover your organisation”s energy consumption, available data, building portfolio, industrial processes and transport. This is followed by a report detailing a tailored approach and time frame for compliance. And all for an agreed fixed price.

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