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ESOS Compliance Infographic

With the original Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) deadline just passed on December 5, 2015 and compliance looming over industry, industrial automation software specialist COPA-DATA has released a concise infographic highlighting the salient details of the regulations. You can view, share or download the infographic from the COPA-DATA website.

ESOS is a compulsory energy efficiency assessment audit. The deadline for the first phase was December 5, 2015. However, with concerns over low levels of compliance, the Environment Agency has confirmed it will not take enforcement action for late notification provided that completed audits are received by January 29, 2016.

COPA-DATA”s infographic breaks down ESOS into four easy chunks: who needs to comply, what is needed to fulfil the regulations, avenues that companies can use to achieve certification and the pospective penalties for those who don”t.

“There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the ESOS regulations this year,” commented Kelly Bateman, Marketing Executive of COPA-DATA UK. “Now that the first deadline has passed and with potential penalties only a month away for incompliant businesses, we wanted to create an easily digestible infographic that cuts out the fat and leaves only the most important details.”

Energy efficiency has been a key discussion topic for industry in 2015, with many businesses preparing for ESOS or going a step further and achieving ISO 50001. The ISO 50001 certification is awarded to companies that take a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance. Having ISO 50001 certification means many companies are already ESOS-ready.

COPA-DATA has been helping companies across the globe meet the ISO50001 certification with its automation software zenon Energy Data Management System (EDMS).

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