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Exciting news from the engineers at UWT Level Controls

UWT Level Controls

2014 has seen the engineers at UWT not only approaching their work with their customary diligence but also with creative flair. In addition to an innovative all-rounder for measuring all types of bulk materials, the RFnivo®, they have developed new, lower-cost Nivotec® software for level monitoring and have worked on the functional safety and safety integrity level SIL2 for rotary paddle switches.  Attention has also been given to the interface measurement technology – the ever-reliable lot system, Nivobob®.

The new RFnivo®

We are often asked whether there is one measurement principle, which works reliably in all bulk solids applications? Is there one sensor that can cope with low bulk density, bridging, caking, abrasiveness, corrosion, high tension and leverage forces, high and low process temperatures and pressures, low and fluctuating dielectric value as well as being able to offer a short reaction time? To date, the answer to this question has been “no”. Therefore, UWT decided to enhance their portfolio with a capacitive sensor that is able to offer a solution for any challenge. The RFnivo® 3000 is the new capacitive level switch for bulk solids and is used as overfill protection as well as a demand or empty detector in process or storage containers.  Call UWT UK Ltd for full specifications on this new addition to the product portfolio of level controls.

SIL2 for UWT rotating paddle series

The terms ‘functional safety’ and ‘safety integrity level (SIL)’ have occurred more frequently since the publication of the international standard IEC 61508/IEC61511. Particularly in hazardous systems such as within chemical plants, the importance of functional safety has become paramount.  With this in mind, the UWT engineers redesigned the rotating paddle switch Rotonivo® RN6 series in accordance with SIL2. Typical safety functions are overfill and dry run protection.  As part of the functional safety issue, the RN6 electronics have been redesigned so that any failure of electrical components leads to a safe switching state of the output.

Clear interface measurement with Nivobob

UWT’s Nivobob® NB3300 (rope version) and NB3400 (tape version) are specially modified for interface measurement and have proven themselves under varying process conditions. They are especially designed for continuous measurement of salt or mud levels, used in tanks for contaminated water or silos.  In order to continue to provide consistent reliability, the UWT engineers have further developed the formulation of the Nivobob® technology. All installed parts have been additionally coated and prepared with robust corrosion resistant materials.

Affordable level monitoring with the new Nivotec® NT4500

In order to provide plant operators with a complete solution in the level monitoring of silos, UWT has developed the visualisation software Nivotec® with special focus on the pricing aspect.  WebController with Ethernet interface and Modbus RTU as well as standard industrial components of Wago are the basis of Nivotec® system. Any sensors with 4-20mA signal level can be integrated into the system. Especially convenient when configuring with the UWT Modbus RTU sensors are the low wiring costs. Only one bus cable and a cable for the power supply are wired to the silo where all sensors in the series can be linked. Also any full detector with relay signal can be connected to the Nivobob® sensors in the modbus.

Contact Graeme Hughes at UWT UK Ltd to discuss these latest developments in reliable level control on 0845 4810463 or email: sales@uwtuk.com

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